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    Sub Assemblies

    Bryan Obermeyer

      I created a top level assembly, then I created sub assemblies using the "Form New Sub assembly here" which (as I understand it) makes an internal sub assembly.

      This assembly was checked into a vault. Now I have another user checking out the assembly and it doesn't check out all the components of the sub

      Am I missing a step somewhere?


      thanks in advance.

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          Sem Oudelaar

          Hello Bryan,


          The sub-assembly is indeed stored in the main assembly(can also be saved separately). The parts in the sub-assembly however are not saved internally(Unless you make them internally too).

          If you see a partial sub-assembly in your main assembly this probably means that some of the components in the sub-assembly are also in the vault. (or somewhere the other user can access them.)

          Meaning the missing parts are not in the vault or not accessible to the other user.


          I suggest you check out the status of the parts inside your (sub-)assembly and check wether these are in the vault or at least accessible to the other user.


          I hope this helps to fix your problem,

          - Sem

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              Bryan Obermeyer

              Good! I understood the procees correctly.

              However, the parts are in the vault, the user does have access to the vault but when they go to chek it out the parts do not come out.

              I was able to check out the assembly but I had to check out the coponets of the sub asm seperatly. It's looks like the top level doesn't recognise the sub?

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                  Sem Oudelaar



                  When you open the assembly from the vault, does the internal sub-assembly load with it?


                  If it does, do some of the parts load as well or do none of the parts load with it?

                  The parts that don't load, can you open them from the sub-assembly? (Right click -> open) or do you have to open them from the vault?

                  It could be that the sub-assembly has lost it's references to the parts somewhere along the line.


                  If it doesn't, can you edit the sub-assembly from the main assembly? (Right click -> edit) or doesn't it load at all?

                  In that case it could be that your sub-assembly was saved externally after all and lost its reference when the assembly was moved to the vault.


                  In any case I suspect that the assembly lost a reference in the process of putting it in the vault.

                  If you can't find the problem in the above scenario's you might want to try to save the sub-assembly externally after all and move it to the vault with the main assembly and see how that works out.


                  I hope this helps you find the solution to your problem,

                  - Sem