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    Renaming parts in assemblies

    Andrew Kronquist

      I've been struggling with this since I got 2013 installed, and I can't figure it out. Why can't I rename parts in assemblies? I used to be able to open a part from an assembly, save it as a different name, and when I went back to the assembly the name was changed. I can't do that now. The new name will save, but the assembly retains the old part name. If I try to replace the part with the newly named part, SW says I can't replace a parts with the same name, yet the names are clearly different. I can't RMB on the part and find "rename" in the menu, and I can't double click in the assembly feature tree to rename it. Searching the Interent was no help either.

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          John Burrill

          Well, it sounds like you have the "Save as Copy" checkbox checked when you go to do "Saveas..." in the opened part.

          In 2014, it remembers your last setting from one session to the next, so you have to be ontop of this control.

          One last thing, for one of your components in your assembly-one that does not appear to have updated when you did a Saveas-select the componnet and go to component properties and check the path in that dialog box to make sure that it really didn't update the reference.  If the path filename is different from the component name, then check the setting o "Update component names when documents are replaced" in Options:System Options: External References.

          Good luck.


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            Aaron Godwin

            I'm using SW2012 but I think this might be the same. There's a setting, goto:


            System Options --> External References


            Look for "Update component names when documents replaced" and check that box.


            Hope that helps...

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                James Holland

                Guys, thanks to all of you for posting this topic and sharing the info you have. Many times I rename filenames of components in a win explorer window, then when I open the assembly the components still have the original name.


                Drove me nuts.


                Your tip to check the box for "Update component names..." fixed this issue.


                One thing though; every time you open SW it caches file names and path info. You won't see this take effect unless you close SW and restart it.


                Unless there is a check box for this somewhere.