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    Solidworks "Help" search

    Jody Holm

      I want to see all the options Solidworks has for creating draft. I go to Solidworks HELP right from the interface and type "Draft" in the search line. I get 246 topics to pick and none of them are titled "Draft". They are not in alphabetical order and 99.9% of the topics do not pertain to draft.

      Has the world changed the philosophy of the search command or is it just me?

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          Paul Marsman

          I do the same and the 3rd option down is "Draft PropertyManager"

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            Jim Wilkinson

            Hi Jody,


            I am guessing you are using the local help, not the web help. You can turn on web help using the "Use SolidWorks Web Help" menu item under the Help menu (this is the default, so perhaps you turned it off for some reason?). The local help is displayed in a Microsoft help viewer with its own search engine we SolidWorks doesn't have control over programming. It has some options that may help you find what you want on the bottom like "Match similar words", which when turned off will reduce the number of hits. Also, "Search titles only" does what it says. You can sort the resulting titles by alphabetical order by clicking on the column header. I've never heard of a search engine sorting alphabetically by default; they all sort by some ranking based on number of occurrences of the word in the body, title, metadata, etc.


            One of the reasons we created the web help was because we don't have control over the search engine but we do in the web help. If you do the search in the web help (which is what I assume Paul did), then I think you'll see the default results are probably much more appropriate since we tuned the search engine to give more weight to topics with the search word in the title and the more occurrences of the word in the topic causes it to come up higher in the search results.


            The word "draft" in general has many different meanings in general English and in engineering terms too, so that is why there are so many resulting pages. But, I find the default results in the web help put the Draft feature results (that is what I think you are looking for) towards the top. Even if they weren't in the web help search, you can use the filters on the left hand side to filter down the results to the specific area you are interested in, in this case "Parts and Features" from the Area filters or "Features" from the Sub Area filters.


            I hope this helps,