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What is the best video card for solidworks 2014?

Question asked by Andrew Whiting on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2014 by Barry Cavanaugh

We are thinking about updating one of our workstations. It was been running on the slower side latley and we think its because of the video card. The current computer specs are, Xeon processor E3-1240 with 8 Gb of ram. The video card is a Nvidia Quadro 2000 with 1gb onboard memory.


Looking at all avalible workstations on the market, I've realized the computer itself isnt too far off. I think if we upgrade the video card it will help to drasticallly increase solidworks performance. What is you opinion? We would be willing to spend $1000 on a video card. The video card I'm looking at ordering is the AMD FirePro W5000. It looks like its a great "bang for the buck" kind of a card. Does anyone have this card? It shows as supported card on the Soliworks website.


Also, what are the opinions on the Solid State drives?