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Help with Feature suppression in Equation manager

Question asked by Brad Hakeman on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by Brad Hakeman

I downloaded Frank Ruepp's tank trailer assembly and slides from SWW and I am trying to replicate the "Suppress/Unsuppress" for "Manway3".




If I click on the folder for "Manway3", the feature name that fills in is called "trailer_tank<1>.Assembly" and ends up suppressing the whole tank.  If I manually type "manway3" as the feature name, the error "The equation could not be evaluated because of deleted/invalid demsinsions: manway3".


The equation is =IIF ("ManwayNumber" = 1, "suppressed", "unsuppressed")


I looked at the sketches driving the manways and don't see any errors or issues with the model.


Is there a way to force the equation to pick the feature folder?