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Admin Image and copysettings

Question asked by Todd Blacksher on Feb 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Matt Johnson

We are getting ready to roll out 2014 SP2

As usual, I am planning on using an Admin Image


Now for the major "wrench in the works" -

We are moving EVERYTHING to a new server (SNL Manager, Image, Templates, etc.)


My plan of attack is as follows:

Back everything up

Transfer License/install SNL Manager on new server/activate license/update server on all computers (which will still be running SWX2013)

Perform Toolbox upgrade

Create Admin Image

(Was going to manually deploy, may need to automatically deploy due to new IT policy.)

Normally I would push it out to my computer to verify that everything works, and update any necessary settings.

This time around I will need to reconfigure the settings to reflect the network changes.

In the past I would get everything set up, save the settings, and push them out to the other computers along with the Admin Image.

A small hiccup that I have encountered before is that some of the Autorecover/Backup settings would point back to my computer instead of the user's computer.


My questions are:

1) Do you see anything missing?

2) Did you run into any issues with your Admin Image for 2014?

3) Do you have any recommendations to help make this process smoother?

4) Do you have any ideas for pushing out updated settings?


Thanks everyone!