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    Face Fillet with hold line problem

    John Reinhard
      When trying to add a face fillet with hold line between two spline
      basedlofts I get the preview to show, but then it fails with
      rebuild errors when I try to implement it.  I have tried it as
      shown in the attached image.I have tried it also by having just
      half of each loft, thinking that the troublemight be with the
      fillet going all the way around.  I have also tried it by
      constructing a trim in the bottom of the large piece and then
      usinga face fillet with two hold lines with curv. cont. chosen, but
      no way I have triedhas worked.  They all show the fillet in the
      preview, then fail.
      Any idea?  Thanks in advance.
        • Face Fillet with hold line problem
          If you can share the file, it would help to try to diagnose the problem.

          I don't know why it is - actually, but fillets just seem to work better on solid faces than they do on surfaces. Have you tried it on solids?

          Also, try to do the fillet with 2 hold lines and the Curve continuous option.
          • Face Fillet with hold line problem
            Matt Lombard

            It could be that your model has some pre-existing problem which the checker is just finding for some reason when you try the fillet. I would try to turn on Verification On Rebuild (tools, options, performance) and then hit ctrlQ. If another feature fails, it means that it was the cause of the problem. Now You know what to fix.

            You might also try using Tools, Check and seeing if that picks up some error.

            Also, fillets usually don't work between bodies, face fillets are the one exception where they do work. You might give it a boost by doing a mutual trim first between the two lofts, then doing the face fillet. If that doesn't work, use the Curvature Continuous option.

            When a fillet previews but doesn't complete, it's usually because SW can't knit the resulting fillet faces back into the rest of the model.

            • Face Fillet with hold line problem
              John Reinhard
              Thanks to both your replies.


              I tried it as a solid and it worked just fine.  So after thatI went back to the surfaces and I tried three or four otherdifferent things that I thought should not make a difference, butone did.  To get the face fillet with hold line to work withsurfaces, I had to do a mutual trim on the two intersectingsurfaces first.  After that the face fillet worked.  Myguess is that depending on the algorithm of the face filletcommand, that if I do not do a mutual trim first, that when theface fillet command tries to do the intersecting and trimming, itwill see two possible intersections on the two original surfaces;the intersections on the surfaces themselves and  theintersection with the new fillet, and thus not being sure which oneto trim too, it fails with a rebuild error.  My guess is thatthe preview shows a solution before trimming is actuallyinvolved.

              Thanks again.
                • Face Fillet with hold line problem

                  If you can supply the model for Dev purposes, I'll like to file this issue, because I don't think a face to face should work that way (merge first) or at least it should show the preview.
                    • Face Fillet with hold line problem
                      John Reinhard
                      Attached is the file in its working state with the mutual trim. Thanks.
                        • Face Fillet with hold line problem
                          Ranga Narasimhan
                          Hi Mark,

                          I tried with the file. SW does not show me even preview if i haven't done mutual trim already..

                          Am i missing something
                            • Face Fillet with hold line problem
                              Matt Lombard
                              Not that I can answer for Mark, but I've been working with these things.

                              Anyway, yes, its possible that you're missing something. The only type of fillet that can fillet between different surface bodies is the face fillet because there is no common edge to select. When you have bodies crossing like that, its like drawing an X and then filleting the lines. There are 4 possible ways for the fillet to go. The fillet is going to trim away some of each surface.

                              Next to the face selection boxes are little arrow indicators, and you notice that those arrows control arrows on the screen indicating a side of the selected surface. 2 arrows each can point to 1 of 2 sides, so that's 4 combinations, but only 2 of them work if you have already selected the hold line. You want the on screen arrows to both be pointing to the side of the surface that will be kept, not the part that will be trimmed away by the fillet.

                              Of course none of this matters, because the face fillet with a hold line between bodies doesn't work, which I guess is the point of the whole thread. It's a niche application (multibody) of a niche (hold line) of a niche (face fillet), so I'm not really surprised that it doesn't work.
                              • Face Fillet with hold line problem
                                I've filed it as SPR 405586. Thanks for bring this to our attention. Current work around is to do a mutual trim first.