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    How to export flats patterns (.DXF extension) from a "MULTIBODY" part

    Omar Freites

      Hello there,



      I have had some problems to build a macro that generates flats patterns from a multibody part...  In the API Help says that "ExportFlatPatternView" method belongs to IpartDoc Interface. So, if I have a multibody sheetmetal part and obtain an array of bodies from the cut list for example(or I use selectionmanager method), How can I storage each body in the Sldworks.Modeldoc2 variable type? what method or object have I to use?


      All of the examples what i found are like this: 


      Sub Example ()



      Dim swApp as SLdworks.Sldworks = Application.SLdworks

      Dim part as Sldworks.ModelDoc2 = swApp.ActiveDoc



      ..... 'Some lines more



      boolstatus = part.ExportFlatPatternView("C:\Users\xxxxx\xxxx\xxx.DXF", swExportFlatPatternOption_None)



      .... ' lines



      End Sub



      I need that "part" (Sldworks.Modeldoc2) be any body in my model or each body (in case that I use a "For.. Next" statement to sweep the array of bodies.)



      Do you have any idea how i can solve this?



      Thanks in advance