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    Solidworks 2013 Mate operation slowing performance

    Jordan Garrity

      I'm sure this question has been addressed but I never found the exact problem I'm finding.


      The problem I'm seeing is when in assembly, I click an already made mate just to see what is mating with what, but upon clicking the mate Solidworks automatically traces the mating surfaces between the two components. This tracing process eventually highlights the two surfaces but the animation of the trace slows the performance of Solidworks.


      It's a very minor issue in that I'm sure I just have to uncheck some box but I'm not finding where exactly this problem is under tools>options>performance/assemblies






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          Jerry Steiger



          I don't know of any option that affects the way mates highlight in the graphics window. There are a couple of options that tell SW whether or not to highlight parts in the graphics window when you select them. You might try toggling them to see if it helps and if you can live without having parts highlight. They are both located in "Tools"/"Options"/"System Options"/"Display/Selection". One is "Highlight all edges of features selected in graphics view", the other is "Dynamic highlight from graphics view".


          Jerry S.