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    'There was nothing to export' error when trying to export a workflow

    Kim Jezak

      I'm trying to export a workflow in epdm.  "There was nothing to export" is the error I am getting.  When there actually is something to export...an actual workflow is there.  Anyone have this problem?

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          Joy Garon

          Hi Kim,


          Look at solution S-047703 in the knowledge base (also SPR 457673).






          What could cause an export to fail with the warning, "There was nothing to export” when trying to export a specific workflow in the Enterprise PDM administration tool?    



          If a data export rule (XML) that was used in one of the transitions in the workflow that fails exporting was deleted, the following warning is shown when trying to export the workflow: --- There was nothing to export. --- The client log will show the following entry: ---



          Database access failure Module: ConisioAdmin.exe Function: WorkflowDatabase::moGetName Error code: E_EDM_ERPMGR_EXPORT_SCRIPT_NOT_FOUND Error code general description: The specified export rule could not be found. --- This issue is reported to development under SPR 457673



          1. Locate the transition(s) using the deleted export rule.  The export data to XML action will still be in the transition, but when opening the action properties it says "“ (see attached ExportActionMissing).

          2. Delete the action or select a valid rule. Save workflow.

          3. It can now be exported without error. -Find out which rule was deleted by viewing the History of the export rules (right-click export rules, history) - Note that if deleting an export rule and creating a new one with same name, the warning in step 1 will not be shown as the drop list will show the "new" export rule. To correct the issue, open each transition that uses the export rule and ensure the correct one is selected, save workflow.