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    Mate to last entity in linear pattern?

    Joe Wilcoxson

      I have an assembly where I have a linear pattern of a part. I then need to create another linear pattern that starts mated to the last entity of the first linear pattern. This process can be repeated several times, with each new pattern seed starting mated to the last entity of the previous pattern.


      Easy enough, but if at any point I change the number of items in a linear pattern, the next linear pattern in line is no longer mated to the last entity in the changed linear pattern, but rather the original last entity. Is there a way to always mate to the last entity in a linear pattern, regardless of the number of item in the linear pattern changing?

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          Chris Michalski

          Never tried it, but thinking out loud... Can you define an equation that is linked to the pattern spacing * # of occurences so that it always calculates the position of the last occurence as the starting point of your next pattern?  Unfortunately you'd have to do that for each one and it might take multiple rebuilds for it to make sure they all get updated correctly.

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            Lenny Bucholz

            of course you would have problems adding or subtracting the number of components of the pattern.


            you have mated to say the four instance, take away 4 and you loose the mate as it is gone, add another instance and the mate is still on #4 and 5 lies over the the mated 2 pattern...


            you may have to use an equation to add and subtract instances and dimensions to drive from the first part of the first pattern.


            or make configurations of the different looks of all the patterns, very simple and works like a charm.