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    Video Card Help

    Graeme Ellis



      I have been using solidwroks for a good 4-5 years most recent on a laptop with i5 processor and 8gb ram. Recentley bought a desktop with G2120 processor and 8gb ram. I am now in my third year of university studying mechanical engineering and I am doing a lot more demanding tasks in solidworks and my computer is lagging so much. I am currently designing an exhaust silencer for a car and I have created a perforated tube to go inside. The computer just cant handle it, if i go to select the tube once already opened, it takes a good 10-20 seconds to load all the holes before it allows me to edit the tube. Everytime i want to edit it I have to wait for it to load everything.


      I know I need to install a video card and I have about £80 - £100 to spend and I just don't know what to get. It doesnt need to be AMAZING, just enough to handle the tasks in solidworks and mean I wont have to wait as long to edit and render the parts. It would be nice to have dual dvi output as i have two monitors.


      Any help much appreciated



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          Anna Wood

          Video card will not help your rebuild times.  SolidWorks is CPU bound.  You are severely limited in CPU performance with the G2120 cpu.  This is an extremely low end cpu.  Good for email and web surfing at best?






          Rendering on that system will be painful.  PV360 rendering is all cpu. A video card will not help rendering performance.


          How much did you spend for this system?  What are the rest of the specs?  Make and model of system?  What are the specs of your laptop?  CPU in particular?


          I am worried that you purchased a desktop with less horspepower then your laptop.  Hard to know without knowing your laptop specs.


          Save your money as the video card will  not help your SolidWorks performance.