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    Creating a cloned test vault from the existing vault

    Jeff Thomas

      I have the vault working the way I want and it is about to go live. I would like to copy the vault as it exist today and create a test vault that I can apply and test changes I make before implimenting them in the live vault. What is the best way to accomplish this?


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          Jim Sculley

          See solution S-011452 in the knowledge base.




          Jim S.

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            Brian McEwen

            Found this http://blog.capinc.com/2012/03/epdm-admin-tech-tip-exporting-vault-config/ 


            But it is not as easy as they say.  The export - import .cex method leaves out some stuff. I think it might do a little better if exactly matched folders existed in both vaults. (I think the S-011452 solution provided by Sculley is supposed to address having identical folders? - but I don't fully understand that documentation and so I wouldn't feel comfortable running that ArcServCreator.exe tool (which seems to be from 2004 or 2006).  )


            After import I was missing at least these things: folder permissions for groups, column selections for groups, Search Card permissions on the Admin user, and all Dispatch actions.

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              Michael Marshall



              I'll start with the usual answer for something like this...Contact your VAR!


              Now I'll throw my own $0.02 worth in...when I first starting working with EPDM, the .cex export/import seemed so easy, but it comes with the price of not really bringing *evertyhing* over, as Brian points out.


              The solution that Jim points out does indeed look outdated - I can't say that it wouldn't work, but it seems rather short.


              I had my VAR walk me through the process on two different occasions...the first when I wanted to clone my production vault on the same pair of archive/database servers. I just needed a place to do some migration testing, so a fully-functioning vault on the same hardware (or VMs) fit the bill. It was easy - the whole process took about 45 minutes, and that included me taking copious notes so I could repeat the process on my own, which I did several times.


              Later I had my VAR walk me through the process again, but this time I wanted a clone on a different pair of archive/database servers, because I wanted to test the 2013->2014 upgrade. There were a few differences in the process, but it was largely the same:


              Take a backup of your source database, restore that database somewhere, tweak some settings in the cloned database, run a utility from your VAR to create the clone archive based on the cloned database (different from the ArcServeCreator - probably doing the same type of stuff, just updated)...at that point you'll have a clone of your source EPDM system, and everything* looks and feels like your source system - except that if you try do actually do something with a file, you'll get an error because you haven't actually copied the contents of the vaults over to the new vault yet. If you need the actual files to work with, you can just copy the source vault to the cloned vault. Depending on the size of your vault and speed of your network/disks, it could take a while.


              * The one thing I ran in to when cloning from one set of servers to another is that you have to update any SQL-based Lists that you have, since they contain pointers to the Db server itself. I also seem to remember having to update the Log file pointers for Tasks, as ours included the vault name in the filepath for the logs, but that may just be bad setup on my part.