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    Issue with assemblies

    David Peterson

      Starting a month or so ago, I frequently get the message showing in the attached document when I open certain assemblies.  The error pops up, I click "yes" and the error pops up again.  The error pops up for what I assume is each time the part listed is in the assembly.  The error then pops up again every time I attempt to make a change to the assembly.

      Is there a setting I can't find that will make this stop?

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          Robert D.

          Check that your files are being referenced to the correct folder the models are in. If you save your work to a shared drive on the network it can cause this problem as well.

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            Walter Fetsch

            That error occurs when you try to insert a part into an assembly when you already have a part present in the assembly, by the same name, but from a different directory.  I've only seen it pop up when inserting a component; never at any other time and never more than once per insertion.

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                Jerry Steiger



                If Walter is right on the cause here, check File/Find References to see where the copies of that screw are coming from. If you are running SW2014, I think you can replace the ones in the wrong folders with the one from the right folder. In older versions, you will have to do some renaming of the "bad" screws first so that you can replace them with the good screw.


                Jerry S.

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                Kerry He


                Sometime it happened. When you are not saved your data with proper way or sometimes which data you are going to enter, is already submitted. In these cases when you are open an assembly its show errors. So check all saving data in proper way.


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                  David Peterson

                  Thanks everyone.  I did find that the parts were referencing the wrong folder and that the assembly in the other folder was open as well.  I had to replace the parts in the first assembly with the ones from the correct folder (after first closing the other assembly as I couldn't even open the correct part while the other assembly was open!)  Anyway... the problem seems to be solved!