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    Solidworks 2014 Slow

    Joe Min

      I have recently installed solidworks 2014 on  a PC. I also have 2013 on the PC. I have an assemble creating in 2013 and it all works ok. When I open that assembly in 2014 it respondes very slowly. For instant when I click the middle mouse button itcould take 10 sec to get control and then the movement is also very slow. When editing a part this works ok. I have saved the assembly as 2014 format, I am not sure if all the parts are 2014 format would this slow it down. I have checked all the options and both 2013 and 2014 have the same otptions. I have enable large assembly mode and disabled it and it made no effect. Has anybody else seen anything like this or offer anyadvice.

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          Richard Kee



          I've come across this before and yes having older versioned parts in newer version assembly can negatively impact performance. If you run assemblyxpert it will run through the version of the parts and recommend saving them in the current version of solidworks you are working with.


          Or search solidworks help for assemblyxpert - file conversion.

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            Jeff Mirisola

            One thing that has been extremely prevalent with the 2014 release is graphics card drivers needing to be changed. I've never seen it as much as this in the past, so it's worth checking out. Use SolidWorks Rx to see if your card's driver is correct. If it's not, it can cause slow downs like you're seeing.

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              Richard Wagenaar

              I have been very sceptic about SW2014 but performance has

              definitely improved over SW2013. 

              Especially the time to edit a part or sketch of a part in a

              large assembly.

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                David Anderson

                we recently switched to SW2104 and i am finding SW 2014 extremely slow in performing rebuilds, saves and simply hiding or showing a sketch in an assembly. Much slower than SW2013 even when using a native 2104 file. am using the proper driver for my FX3700 and running SP2.0.


                my colleague who sits 2000 miles away is seeing the same issues.


                anyone one else seeing the same problems?

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                  Bram Hermans

                  Same here, slow rebuild & save in SW2014.  (original files made in SW2013)

                  Some files (15-18mb) even need +15min to save sometimes.

                  A clean uninstall of 213 was done before installing SW2014.


                  HP core2Duo, x64, SP02 with an FX3800


                  --> Verification on rebuild set to off helps...

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                    David Chiles

                    If you are opening SW13 files in SW14 - Richard hit the nail on the head....It takes time to convert.  Make sure all your files are converted and saved... and it's not converting files every time you open.  Use AssyXpert.  We work with 10K+ part assemblies and I have tested the before and after open times (14 minutes down to 3) after a convert and save.  This was tested from SW10 to SW12, but my guess is its the same from version to version.

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                      David Oustifine

                      I have seen the same problems, I bought a brand new BOXX system 4.5ghz overclock, 32 gig ram, NVidia Quadro K4000 and did a installation of SW 2014 and updated to latest service pack.


                      I have seen the following issues repeatedly;

                      • when changing between models (severe lag time)
                      • when making changes to a part and rebuilding inside the assembly (severe lag time)
                      • when opening top level assembly files from the hard drive drives (severe lag time)
                      • issues with mates showing as errors, then the error symbols go away, do a rebuild and they come back, repeat and rinse


                      I have been a SolidWorks user for 15 years and am sorely disappointed in the 2014 release thus far...