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    Need to make holes on these spring hinges but not sure what to do...

    Joshua Aviles



      I have been wanting to attach these spring hinges onto a part to make a fully merged assembly but I cannot sketch on them in order to form a center hole.


      Forming this center hole would be what is needed to formally attach them to the screw holes I have created on top of my part.


      What should I do now, put holes on the actual part or continue attempting to make holes on my spring hinges.


      Now, the spring hinges are no longer formal assemblies, as they used to be, but faces because I saved them as parts so that they could be scaled accordingly to the size of my part.

      Modeling Issue.PNG


      The spring hinges in more detail...

      Spring Hinge Detail.PNG

      The screw holes on top of my part that I intend to mate the spring hinges to as part of an assembly in greater detail...

      CanSat Screw Holes.PNG

      The hole types are CSK for M2 Flat Head Machine Screw.


      Thank you for any help you may offer!

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          Glenn Schroeder



          I've read your post several times and I'm afraid I still don't understand what the problem is.  So your hinges were assemblies, and you saved them as parts?  And now you can't open the part and edit it, or click on a part in the assembly and choose the "Edit component" icon?  If you can clarify I'm sure someone can help you.

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            Jeff Mirisola

            Like Glenn, I'm not quite sure what the problem is, but I'll take a shot at solving it and offer a bit of advice.


            First, your reason for saving your hinge assembly as part in order to be able to scale it doesn't really make sense. By saving it as a part, you've lost all sorts of editing ability. However, the screen grab you show for the hinge shows it as an assembly, so I'm a bit confused what you did. If the hinge is to remain static in the upper level assembly, just create it as a single part. You can then easily edit your sketch so that the hinge will be properly sized for the overall assembly.

            Second, as Glenn mentioned, you can edit a part in the context of an assembly. (I suspect you know this given the fact that it appears you have some parts that look like they were created within an assembly.) Position a hinge to where it needs to be, use your measure tool to figure out how far off locating feature are and edit them accordingly.


            Hope some of this helps.