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EPDM debug addin

Question asked by Jorn Bjarning on Jan 17, 2014
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I am developing an addin for EPDM 2010. I have established this virtual environment: Windows XP, SolidWorks 2010, EPDM 2010 and Visual basic Express 2010. I have struggled quite a bit with it so far but managaed to overcome them. One hurdle was EPDM 2010 not supporting .Net Framework 4.0 which I have now solved.


Anyway my current problem is debugging the add-in. I am able to add it to the Debug Add-ins menu in EPDM without any errors or issues, but when I open the Debug Add-ins menu again it is stated "Could not find module implementing class. (DLL for class not found)".


EPDM debug.PNG


The question has been asked before here but that solution doesn't work for me. Does the problem relate to the EPDM Type Library?


I have the reference to the EPDM 2010 Type Library allright, the type library is copied to the VB project and is present in both the Debug and Release folder.


I have managed to develop my SW API solutions with the Express version so far - but am I facing a limitation with the Express version here? I am ready to purchase a full Visual Studio but I need to know first if it will solve the problem...


Any ideas?