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    Dassault acquisition.

    Greg Hynd

      Not sure what this will mean for us but I notice Bunkspeed is included, so should be interesting in the future. http://www.rtt.ag/en/company/newsroom/Dassault-Systmes-to-Acquire-Realtime-Technology-AG-RTT/

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          Neil Larsen

          >“In today's experience economy, brands demand seamless interplay of 3D design, marketing and sales applications to create high-impact storytelling across all channels,” said Monica Menghini, Executive Vice President, Industry & Marketing, Dassault Systèmes. “Dassault Systèmes values the software and service portfolio that RTT will bring to our 3DEXPERIENCE strategy because 3D marketing, interactive movies and catalog generators represent the hallmark of successful marketers in the age of experience.”


          I'm quoting Monica here because she has a higher profile and more to say than Bernard these days as befits the importance of the marketing dept in any organisation.

          The experience economy..high impact story telling....the age of experience....sorry babe just doesn't resonate with me as anything other than marketing BS. The 'POS Configurator' mentioned further up the page made me chuckle though.


          Translation :we bought a renderer as well. If it ends up in DS SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual it will surely do less than it would if Catia gets it too. If SW gets it, it means yet another materials makeover which makes it look as though we are actively developing SW still ...or we lost or dont want the Modo tie up going forward and need to replace it.

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            Richard Wagenaar

            A 300 million invenstment in "3D experience"  while there is few

            cad evolution at Solidworks the last years in compare to other modelers.

            All major competitors already have integrated a direct modeler, even





            Autodesk did what Solidworks promised 4 years ago.

            Fusion 360 has cloud and direct modeling. It can

            be used as an extension to Autodesk Inventor.

            It would have been better if founder Mike Payne had developed

            a direct modeler for Solidworks instead of Spaceclaim.


            Technical marketing director Joe Dunne of Solidworks left

            and is now at Belmont/Onshape.




            And here is another one.




            It would have been better to invest in Solidworks resources,  I don't think

            this is good news for Solidworks users.

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                Neil Larsen

                There have been a number of wrong turns and missteps that have got us to this rather undesirable position going back to about 2006. Each time a poorly explored decision has been followed by another until no-one is quite sure where we are, how we got here or how to rejoin a sensible path. It does require someone to actually admit they are misdirected first.  IMO Monica is someone who has well exceeded her competence level and this can only happen when others with even more responsibility have also lost the plot and allow themselves to be usurped. As someone trained as a lawyer she may boldly represent engineering as she interprets it however she is not an engineer herself. There is a difference between being articulate and confident in a mild vacuum and knowing what you are doing and making appropriate choices for a given set of circumstances. Her fleetfooted stepping stone career through various marketing agencies seems to have allowed her to accumulate just enough knowledge and parle to be dangerous given enough space and opportunity. In the end much of which is being projected is an obvious nonsense to practical people of sound judgement. The role of the audience of customers here is to be the jury of discretion and common sense. If it was up to me Monica would be removed from undue influence before she does any more damage reflected in the share price. Unfortunately we are relying on a CEO to do that and thats a whole other story of someone getting much further than they ought with a different type of parle.

                It is indeed very unfortunate to have to express such misgivings about certain individuals publicly but there is a lot at stake here. DS absolutely have to get their act together. I think it is important they are left in no doubt of the customers point of view at this time. 

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                    Richard Wagenaar

                    Neil, don't take it too personal...

                    There is few you can do against ignorance and arrogance.

                    There is no way customers can change the direction of these kind

                    of companies. They want you to believe that a customer can change

                    the direction but that was a long time ago before all the founders

                    of Solidworks left. They have their own "3D experience"  which has

                    nothing to do with the "3D experience" we have as a user fighting

                    bugs that take years to fix.


                    The good thing is that other CAD developers have accelerated 

                    developments and have come with evolutions while Solidworks

                    is  searching it's way.  All major competitors already have direct

                    modeling and the differences between feature based modeling

                    are very small.


                    Solid Edge has more ways than ever to reuse Solidworks data

                    and others will follow.






                    The competition will have a much bigger influence on future

                    development than it's users.

                    It will be very interesting to see if the former Solidworks founders

                    who all left Solidworks will introduce a good Onshape and if it

                    will be able to reuse Solidworks data.


                    10 years ago it was very hard to change a Cad system but

                    this will be easier in the future.


                    Here in Europe you find more jobs with Autodesk Inventor than

                    with Solidworks while this used to be different a couple of years ago.

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                        Neil Larsen

                        Well I do take it personally.

                        These large decisions affect me personally. They affect a whole lot of people personally.

                        I want the objections to DS folly to be voiced for the user base and for history.


                        Q. Grandpa, how did we end up in this situation?

                        A. Well we allowed some very poor thinking to go unchallenged and then it was too late.

                        Eventually the NSA came and took away my neighbours workstation and then they came for mine.

                        Finally all there were were sanctioned browser 'experiences'.


                        On the basis of what has transpired here we can see that someone who can string 25 medical terms together in some few nonsense sentences can assume to be Surgeon General and start promoting aromatherapy sessions in place of kidney dialyis, drawing on their previous holiday employment at a few florists. Both the doctors and the patients object. Little wonder some choose to leave before they are 'cured'.


                        With the eminent launch of Solidworks Mechanical Conceptual people are looking to genuine engineering solutions and not alternative practices/realities.


                        So I have said my piece and I will leave it at that or I will be censored. Thanks to mods for their tolerance.

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                            Richard Wagenaar

                            I have been watching at alternatives for a long time and

                            the stupid font problems with high resolution monitors have

                            given me few faith in Solidworks. I mean, if they can't get

                            these basic things right... Developments have been slow

                            the last 10 years and I don't see this accelerate with

                            20 years old code and many new programmers and many

                            that have gone. That is often a big problem with software.

                            We can work as fast with SW2005 as with SW2014, there are

                            things better and there are things worse so there is few real

                            improvement for us. We did a lot of customizing on Solidworks

                            and we made many functions ourself in C++.


                            Meanwhile Solid Edge implemented some of the Solidworks

                            top enhancerequests which Solidworks didn't




                            I did write maybe about 200 enhancerequests in the last 19 years

                            but the last 5 years I stopped, it just doesn't make sense.

                            The difficult to implement but important enhancements about

                            performance and rebuilding never made it.

                            Solidworks 2005 is still more than 10% faster than SW2014

                            when rebuilding a big section drawing.



                            It doesn't come as a suprise that we have to watch out for

                            something new and I did my homework, I know that there

                            are alternatives that will cost time and money but they will pay

                            back in the long run for our machine developments.

                            Changing is painfull but not every change is bad.

                            I give it another year and then we make a decision.

                            Meanwhile we are testing the alternatives.


                            Of course I hope Dassault Conceptual will be a good product

                            and that we don't have to switch. But it must be compatible

                            with Solidworks and seamless integrated like in Solid Edge.


                            "So I have said my piece and I will leave it at that or I will be

                            censored. Thanks to mods for their tolerance."


                            I don't think they give a damn and they laugh about your

                            way of explaining the problem.

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                      Rob Rodríguez

                      To stay on the rendering topic.  In the short term I doubt it will have any effect on SolidWorks.  DS already uses iray for its other applications and SW has been able to go a different direction with modo.  Over the long term however SW will probably be switched over to the iray engine.  I personally am not a big fan of GPU rendering applications mainly becasue you have to invest lots of money into specific graphics cards that really have no other benefit than power for rendering.  On the flip side investing more money in CPU power benefits all your applications.

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                          Neil Larsen

                          It depends what sort of work you do.

                          I use Octane on 2xGTX780 for varied subjects not just stuff out of SW.

                          And yes this is kind of expensive to set up but I like the WYSIWYG camera navigation and the results of an unbiased render engine.

                          Some people are willing to invest a lot in GPU however. For instance some Octane users producing really excellent arch viz renders are using up to 8xTitans together.

                          To obtain the same rendering performance out of cpu would cost a lot more.

                          I quote you here one user.


                          >I've got 3 systems that work 24x7.

                          >1 X quad GTX580 3GB rig + 1 X quad GTX680 4GB rig + 1 X quad Titan 6GB rig


                          He is very very good at what he does though and he makes a good living from it.

                          GPU certainly can pay its way.


                          A cloud based gpu render service is another possibility. Rent capacity as you need, when you need.

                          If DS or SW force their users to acquire Quadros or Teslas for gpu rendering on their workstation then it becomes a little silly.

                          If those gpu can be put to use for engineering simulations then it make a little more sense but even so...

                          Geforce is about as far as you want to go for cost effectiveness, and they are faster.

                          Really I cant see why SW users would want to move on from Modo at this stage whatever the render flavour of the month is or whats laying around in the spare parts bin.

                          Modo has useful modelling applications for ID users as well as the rendering aspect.

                          Not that we necessarily get a say in the matter or the choices made are the best ones.

                          Whether the next one is iray or bunkspeed there are other things than rendering/appearances makeovers that could be better attended to inside SW IMO.

                          If Modo isnt part of the bigger game it might well disappear fairly rapidly from the SW sphere like Tsplines did.

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                          Elias Chavez

                          Let's discuss obamacare next...