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    Drawing: create new instances of inserted sketch blocks

    Christoph Neundorf

      Hi all,


      i'm trying to create new instances of an already inserted sketch block (Block.sldblk) on a drawing.

      But unfortunately it doesn't work yet.


      Here's the snippet:


                  swSketchMgr = ActiveModel.SketchManager;

                  oSketchBlockDefs = (object[])swSketchMgr.GetSketchBlockDefinitions();

                  foreach (object oblockDef in oSketchBlockDefs)


                      blockdef = (SketchBlockDefinition)oblockDef;

                      string blockfilename = blockdef.FileName;

                      if (blockfilename != null)


                          if (blockfilename.Contains("Block.sldblk"))


                              swBlockInst = swSketchMgr.InsertSketchBlockInstance(blockdef, swMathPoint, 0, 0);






      Any thoughts?