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    Handling large workflows-any reccomendations?

    Jeff Thomas

      I have created several work lows that have grown quite large. The design ECO workflow could easily split into three seperate workflows that would be linked together with workflow transitions. The ECO Request Approval tree is complex as the document has to be sent to different departments for approval based on whether their department was listed on the ECO card. How have other EPDM Admins handled large workflows?




      ECO Request Approval workflow

      ECO execution workflow

      ECO Complete Approval workflow



      ECO Request Approval workflow- this will be similar to the ECO Complete approval workflow which I have not created as of yet.

      ECO Approval.JPG


      ECO Execution Workflow


      ECO Approval.JPG


      The complete workflow as it exist today.


      ECO WF.JPG

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          Terry Raymond

          Always interesting to see other people's workflows.  Here is another post... https://forum.solidworks.com/message/351614#351614


          As far as splitting them up, it really doesn't matter from a user standpoint.  I ended up splitting off our ECO so it was easier to manage, and to fit better into our manual.

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            Lawrence Kiefer

            Jeff, Terry is correct in stating that it really does not matter. The company I set up EPDM for has a lot of departments that documents go through for approvals and multiple people in each department that approve these documents. Whane I started, I was putting everything in 2 to 3 workflows. Since then I have divided them up. To me it is much more managable to split them up into smaller workflows. I attached an image for you so se eone of 8 workflows I have done. The one I attached, used to be 3 times as long. So the real answre to your question is simply user preference...



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                Jeff Thomas

                Thanks for the input Lawrence. Your workflow has inspired me to re-think how I have been setting approval transitions up. Are the approval transitions going to the Auto Return LE and FP (Decision) states all required before the file moves to the Submit to Print Room state or can there be a variation based on selections made on the data card? All required would be simple compared to writing conditions for all approval variations.


                Our ECO process does not always require the same departmental approval process. Writing the conditional statements for a transition that takes into account all the deifferent approval requirements based on data card selections could get very involved. If you don't mind would you be willing to share the condition statements the "Auto Return" transition?


                Thanks Lawrence.

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                    Lawrence Kiefer



                    I apologies for the late reply. The holidays and all. I will answer your questions below....


                    With my workflow that I attached, our engineering department can submit drawings either for LE (Limited Engineering release) which is a prototype and does not require as many approval signatures or the FP (Full production release)

                    Note that these are actually two separate workflow in one, not connected at all. Files enter into either the pending LE or pending FP release depending when they are submitted for approval by the designer or engineer. It is not a data card choice. So basically when we right click on the files to submit to approval we have two choices, Submit to LE or FP approval.


                    The files have to go through the Auto return LE or FP state before they continue to the print room. This gives all involved in signing the ability to Accept (sigh the drawing file) Or reject the files. If rejected, they will not make it to the print room for approval.


                    If you have not already finished this, let me know and I will send an image of the conditions in the Auto return that you requested.


                    Keep in mind as well that although our ECO is not a revision controlled document It follows the CAD files through these workflow's and requires signatures as well. Hope this helps.