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Unable to "Get Latest Version" MKII <answered myself> but would like to know why?

Question asked by Josh Killalea on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by Charley Saint

Hi Guys and Girls.


I am having an issue similar to this thread, where i can see there is a newer version but EPDM won't let me "Get" it.


the history is i;

  1. created model, (.sldasm with .sldprt) (obviously)
  2. transition to model check state
  3. transition to drawing production state.
  4. produced drawing (.slddrw)
  5. transition to drafting check state
  6. transition BACK to drawing production state (for revisions.)


all this happened yesterday without fault.


thismorning i get into the office and the drafting checker has pushed them back to me into drawing production state and i can't get the latest version of the slddrw draing ONLY. i have the latest versions of all the models just won't let me get the drawing???...any ideas??


yes i have permissons on both folders and states (and transitions for that matter) as i was working on it all yesterday in this state. and this i have checked again this morning to make sure the solidworks fairy that likes to magicly check and uncheck boxes for you didn't attack over night.


what i have tried;

  1. cleared the cache
  2. logged in and out a few times
  3. got the drafting shecker to check from his computer it is in the correct state
  4. got the drafting checker to check it out and back in again
  5. removed the permissions and reset the permissions on the state


and low and behold No. 5 seems to have done the job.....


ok, so any ideas WHY this may happen? just a brain fart from EPMD?