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    Best way to sketch many centered rectangles

      draw 1st rectangle, then do offset to sketch all the rest of the rectangles

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        • Best way to sketch many centered rectangles
          I am pretty new to SW and I know there has to be an easier way to do this. I have about 20 different size rectangles that I would like to draw, centered, over eachother. If there was a command that would let you create a rectangle from a centerpoint that would be ideal, but I don't think there is. The only way I can come up with is to do the following:
          1.Sketch rectangle
          2.Dimension rectangle
          3.Draw centerline that goes through center of rectangle.
          4.Select origin and centerline and create midpoint relation.
          Anyone have a faster way? Thanks a lot.
          • Best way to sketch many centered rectangles
            Once you have one rectangle with a centerline and dimensions, you can copy and paste that around the screen, change dimensions for each, then align each reactangle to a common center point as you describe. I think this would not be any more work than if such a rectangle were available as a feature.

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