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    how to use skeleton in Assembly

    Jagadish Koli


          a guarding has been used in sub assembly just to locate the part as per main assembly guarding position, And then it is supressed. this sub assembly is brought into main assembly in which guarding is in supressed condition, In this main assembly that same guarding is called as seperate part and many other parts are assembled on to it.

      Now the task is, insteded of having two guardings in main assembly, I should remove the guarding brought as seperate part in main assembly and take all the parts assembled to the other subassembly where guarding was used as referance. I feel instead of doing there must be some otherway to just retain its skeleton for referance.



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          Wayne Schafer

          I would consider making the guarding a config.  One showing the extra parts and one not showing the extra parts.  Then bring in the guarding with the confing you want to show in the main assembly.

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              Jagadish Koli

              Thanks for reply,

                                            there is no necessity , just need one guarding in main assembly, We can not delete  the other guarding which is supressed in sub assembly as there are many relations given to retain the position with respect to guarding. so any option to remove that guarding without loosing the relations??


              thanks again....

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              John Burrill

              Jagadish, if I understand you correctly, the Guarding is used as a skeleton to mate parts in a subassembly and it's also used to locate parts in a parent level assembly.

              This is a common condition when you're creating a top-down assembly.

              How to handle this depends on where the gaurding is going to show up in the bill of materials.  If it's going to remain part of the subassembly BOM, then in the parent assembly, you can hide the component and exclude it from the Bill of Materials (or make it an envelope).  Do the same thing to the gaurding in the subassembly if it's going to show up in the parent assembly BOM.