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    Large Assembly Bug?

    Asdf Asdfg

      When opening a file in large assembly mode a couple of subassemblies appear in a random location (the same random location each time). If I set their top assembly from lightweight to resolved the error is corrected. Why?

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          Mark Kaiser

          Would probably have to open to the assembly file to diagnose.  My guess is the lightweight to resolved operation solves some mates that needed to be updated.  Possibly some parts or sub assemblies were changed since the last time this large assembly was opened and fully resolved. 

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            Alin Vargatu

            Mark is right. A possible solution:


            1. Open the assembly fully resolved.

            2. Save (including modified components)

            3. Open again in Large Assembly Mode

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                Asdf Asdfg

                Thanks guys, but it didn't work. Here's what I did:


                Options>Assemblies>increase number of components set point such that the assembly will open not in large assembly mode>

                Open assembly(it does open fully resolved)>save>close assembly>return assembly options to original setting>open (in large assembly mode)


                This did not appear to generate any changes. Not a huge problem but it would be interesting to know why its happening

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                Jim Cocca

                I reported this issue to SolidWorks months ago every time I open a large assembly in Large Assembly Mode everything comes in unresolved allowing pieces to show up where ever. the technical support rep told me to turn it off until they could figure out what was going on still have not gotten it resolved!

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                  Jim Proctor

                  If your assembly uses any coordinate systems in mates, your problem could be caused by SPR#614617. We had to stop using coordinate systems because of this bug.