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    Sketch Transformation - Flat Pattern Error

    Robert Lankford

      What does it mean when there is a "sketch transformation" folder (that is not expandable) under my flat pattern? If I ctrl-Q in the part it will go away, and so will the pipe (like it should). However, after saving my drawing with the correct flat pattern, if I reopen it, the flat pattern on my dwg is not flat. If I go to the flat pattern config, the "sketch transformation" folder is back. Is this what is causing my flat pattern errors?


      I'm running 2014, but it also happened in 2013.

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          Mike Helsinger

          Sorry I don't have an answer, I have a similar problem.  Mine involves the Bend-Line & Bounding-Box features to represent the patterns of other part flat configurations on a current flat pattern drawing view.  Same behavior, Ctrl+Q on the part makes the Sketch Transformation folder disappear and the features on the drawing start behaving, until I open the drawing again.


          My part has variable features controlled by a design table, but the table is not in control of flat patterns or their sketch features.

          Does this stir anybody's idea boxes?

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            Robert Lankford

            I am the same Robert as above.... different acct.


            Here is a part giving me issues. Go to the flat pattern config and then expand the flat pattern in the feature tree and you will see the "sketch transformation". If you ctrl-q it goes away, but in a dwg ctrl-q doesn't help. Will someone throw this on a dwg real quick and see if the flat pattern will hold after closing and reopening the dwg? It is going to VAR in the morning.


            Thanks in advance...


            I still have no clue what "sketch transformation" means.


            It is a 2014 part...

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                Mike Helsinger

                Hey Robert,


                Alright, I'll troubleshoot.  Here's a map of my steps.  I tried it, saved your file locally, made a bare bones drawing with a flat pattern view, saved and closed everything.  Opened the drawing up again and the bend lines were gone.  In the drawing's feature tree I could see that evil sketch transformation folder.  I opened the part,
                Ctrl+Q-ed it, looked back at the drawing & the bend lines & notes had reappeared.


                Hope that helps.  I'll be away from SW until Monday but I'd love to hear any results you get from the VAR on this.

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                    Robert Lankford

                    Thanks for doing that Mike. Good to know it is not just my machine. I will let you know the response I get.

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                        Mike Helsinger

                        Observation - I just had a drawing cross my desk that the bend lines (single line in this case) did not dissapear with the sketch transformation folder present.  I took the same approach as we have been taking, save & close my drawing, open it again and in this case the lines are there.  I still see the sketch transformation folder in the drawing's feature tree.  I open the part and the folder is in that feature tree and CtrlQ still removes it.


                        I don't know what this observation means for our common issue, could be that this sketch transformation gremlin is always coming and going and I'm seeing it because I'm looking for something I can identify with my problem and I don't know what other purpose it serves.  Since we're sharing for whatever good it does, that's what I know.

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                    Kray Shivers

                    I am having the exact problem! only the fix that you guys came up with does not work for me. if I suppress everything and unsuppress it one at a time and go into the drawing the bend lines show. however! since my company uses epdm as soon as I check in the 3d model they disappear again and my bend information and dimensions turn that evil gold color. I looked at our licence information and we are running SW 2014 on SP4.0 and we are suppose to upgrade to 2015 with in the next month or so, but I need these prints now. I am hoping there is something I haven't tried yet other than redrawing the 3d model but I would rather not if I didn't have to. thanks in advance

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                      Steve Smith

                      This appears to be a known bug, as I see several unaddressed SPR's for it. It appears to be an issue with the items in the Flat-Pattern folder becoming suppressed or unsuppressed during the Check-in process. Below is a solution to the problem that I discovered. Please note that I am using SolidWorks 2014 and EPDM 2015.


                      • Check out the drawing and the model. Open both files.
                      • Activate the model window.
                      • Activate the DEFAULT configuration, if it is not already active.
                      • Click the plus sign next to the Flat-Pattern folder. Click the next to the Flat-Pattern feature.
                      • Make sure that both the Bend-Lines and the Bounding-Box sketches are suppressed.
                      • Suppress all of the Flatten features. This step is critical.
                      • Activate the FLAT-PATTERN configuration.
                      • Open the Flat-Pattern folder and feature by click the (+).
                      • Unsuppress all of the Flatten features. Make sure that the Bend-Lines and Bounding-Box sketches are unsuppressed and not hidden.
                      • Reactivate the DEFAULT configuration and verify that everything in the Flat-Pattern folder is suppressed.
                      • Hit Ctrl+Q to rebuild, click the Trimetric view button, Save, and check in both files.
                      • The next time you open the drawing file, the bend lines will be there.
                        • Note: If you open the file and the bend lines are not there, then it is likely something went wrong in the process. While performing this exercise, it is worth toggling back and forth between the flat configuration and the default configuration, each time validating that the items listed in the Flat-Pattern folder are unsuppressed or suppressed in their respective configurations.