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    Decent laptop for Student Version?

    Ern Dizzy

      Hi all,  I will be given the student version of SW when classes start in January. As such, my PC at home is not sufficient to run the program, so I am looking at a new laptop.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?  I've looked pretty hard at this one:





      I have read dozens of reviews, and it seems to be the best bang-for-buck.


      Please share your opinions!




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          Mark Kaiser

          The general responses will most likely be, get the most RAM you can, and approved graphics card from the list on SW site.  With that being said, what are you going to be using SW for?  Basic parts, assemblies, and drawings?  Not complex parts or surfaces, but blocky shapes?  Small assemblies of 100 components or less?  Any FEA or renderings?

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              Ern Dizzy

              The Graphics card is not on the approved list - it's an NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M.  I think 16gb of ram through 2 of 4 channels is pretty hefty. Always the option to add another 16 .


              I am pretty sure I'm not positive of the direction that my company plans on taking with the program. They're sending me to get the certification in the software under the student license, and then we'd purchase the full version based on what we think we'll use. We certainly COULD use a substanial portion of the program, but I feel we will likely use it as a more intense version of CAD. Simulations wouldn't be high on the priority list, but FEA might become part of my job (although I am not an engineer in any sense of the word).  Assemblies are consisting of straight pieces of copper/steel, max 1/2"x2", and upwards of 80 components, plus fasteners.