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How to show all the suppress items from all levels in a TLA under feature tree

Question asked by Derek Feng on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2013 by Derek Feng

I didn't get my answer the first time, so I would like to ask again.


Is there a way to show and highlight all suppressed components from all levels in a TLA?


I know we can do 'select suppressed' from the drop down menu but it only shows the highlighted suppressed components from the TLA level. The suppressed components from sub-assemblies are also highlighted but the feature tree does not expend itself to show them. It does not make too much sense to me why the feature tree won't just make one step further to show all the highlighted components from the sub-assembly level, so what's the point of highlighting them?


Sometimes when there are multiple configurations and/or the model is not well-known, I think it's helpful to know what components are suppressed from what level. It is difficult the way it is now.


I hope there is a way to show all the suppressed items from feature tree (or a different window). Please help.