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Showing Subassemblies as 1 Entry in a BOM

Question asked by David Robarge on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by Jesse Powers

Hi there,


I am importing an assembly from Solidworks 2013 into SolidWorks Composer 2013. The assembly has lots of subassemblies. When I create the BOM, I'd like for these subassemblies to show up in the BOM as individual entries (I don't want all the parts of each subassembly to show up in the BOM).


For example, right now I have SubAssemblyOne which includes PartOne and PartTwo. Right now when I create the BOM, it shows PartOne and PartTwo in the BOM,

but I just want the BOM to have SubAssemblyOne included as the only entry in the BOM.


Thanks for any ideas.