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2014 is a great release!

Question asked by Greg Hynd on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by Greg Hynd

Thanks Solidworks! Some great new additions to the program!


1) Flip normal to on planes.

2) Mates defualt to parallel if coincident gets an error.

3) Quick mate toolbar.

4) Drawing views stay in your drawing toolbar even after you use them, just now they are indicated with a little drawing sheet symbal.

5) New save as copy and open option.

6) Ability to change a model reference while in a drawing.

7) Ability to drag the part from recent documents straight into solidworks, and being able to change configs ets from here too.

8) New font and colours are nice.

9) Cartoon render option is great.


This is just a few things I can think of now, that I use all the time.