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    Solidworks Rope

    Sercan Sercan

      Hello everyone,


      I am a senior mechanical engineering student and I have project with rope and pulley. I need to roll on rope to pulley with genereating electric motor.

      At this point I dont know how I ganna create rope?

      How it is be a flexible ?

      What mates I need to make


      Thanks best regards

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          Paw Opstrup

          Can you describe your problem a little better, maybe with a picture.

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              Sercan Sercan

              Thanks for reply,


              In my project, supervisors want me to animate my system in Solidworks. You can think my system as a elevator but a little different.

              My concern is whether I animate rope rolling around the drum or pulley in solidworks. I have no background about animating rope in solidworks. Is ıt a possible or not. Because if ı modelling rope in part section of solidworks then I take it in assembly section I am definetly sure that it does not work.






              second one is more suitable for me.

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                  Deepak Gupta

                  Check this one with SW2013 files: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M-4CRnj2xc

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                      Sercan Sercan

                      I know this video, but I think it is not full rope modelling. I want to rolling around pulley many times and this video only one. I want to make rope which I get link above http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4hy4p3-w6I

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                          Sercan Sercan

                          And I have time problem. At this time I should have started my modelling.

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                              Jeff Holliday

                              I don't believe you are going to be able to model what you are hoping with it being flexible but I do think you have run across a problem that is pretty common - not having enough time to get the project done. Before you commit to starting the modeling, the possibilities should already have been checked out.


                              Please don't take this negatively - we have all been "bitten" by the problem.

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                              Edward Eaton

                              If you look closely you will notice that the animation is a cheat in the video that you linked to.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4hy4p3-w6I
                              An assembly cut is used to reduce the length of the vertical section of rope.  The rope model does not move - it just gets cut shorter and shorter, cut by something attached to its load.  This is a simple thing to do in animation.
                              The Green reel is animated to move to the left to reveal a helix at the end of the rope that was always there.  The take-up of the rope only looks like it is growing because the green reel is moving to reveal something the green reel overlaps.  This is also a simple thing to do in animator, but it is garbage because in a real design the reel won't move - the takeup of the rope will shift to fit the fixed reel.


                              If you have to convincingly fake an animation of a fixed reel, you would model multiple layers of the cable on the reel (each layer=different part model).  Then use an assembly cut to reveal them as they cable goes left to right, right to left, piling up. 

                              When reaching the next layer, just show the part with that layer with a new assembly cut, keyframing the "show" and "unsuppress" of the relevent components/cuts.  Then have the line from the upper pulley to the takeup reel be in-context to some point that you animate to be coincident with the cable end on the takeup reel.  That bit with the free endpoint might be best done by hand (mate the point to a plane so you only are dealing with two axes).


                              But I bet you don't have to do that for your assignment. What is important is the story you are trying to tell in your animation about your design. If you share with this group the actual story you are trying to communicate with your animation, the help you get here will be way more on point.  Seeing wire go onto a reel is pretty trivial when communicating how a system works.





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                          Sercan Sercan

                          Hello Sir, Greeting from Turkey,

                          I am senior mechanical engineering student and I have some trouble to handle some of the subfunction of my graduation project. And ıf no excuse I want to get some help from you such as talented enginner. In my project, there is a AC asenkron electric motor attaced at 2.5 meters heght from ground and I need to run this motor both manually and automatially. The task of the motor is lift some goods from 1.2 meter to 2 meter. And there is case which electric off I have to lift goods manually from 1.2 meter to 2 meter.

                          How can I handle this ? I could not understand how to motor holds godds when electric off ?

                          Or if  motor brake is activated how can I ride maually this storage unit by hand ?

                          Thank you ?