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    Hendra Cipta

      i want to install SW 2013 , but incomplete because G:\PreReqs\dotNetFx\dotnetfx40_full_x86_x64.exe" /q /norestart.. i dont understand what this mean. please sir help me. thx

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          Manikandan Babu



                  Actually PreReqs file called dotnetfx (Solidworks support file) is missing in your software setup file.So you have to download that file and install it.


                    Downloading Steps


                       1. Run Solidworks setup.exe


                       2.Show on summary tab-Download option click to change button, select Download and install.




          Manikandan CSWP

          Egs india

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            Deepak Gupta

            Hendra to get more responses/solutions to your problem, please move this post to Installation category using the move discussion option on right side. Also change the title to something relevant to your issue.



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