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Non SolidWorks User in Need of System Building Advice

Question asked by Randy Pagnan on Oct 22, 2013
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I don't use SolidWorks myself, but my company is hiring an engineer who will run 2013 or 14 solid works and I need to build a machine for him.  I built a SW machine a few years ago that ran SW 2006 and it worked like a champ.  But as someone who doesn't use the program or stay current on the changes, I have no idwa what is best for a newer machine.


I have built a few gaming computers for personal use, but am aware that the needs of a SW machine are very different.


Would like to keep the cost to under 2k, but can go over if needed.  We want a very capable, fast machine.


Definitely going to go with a SSD for the OS and SW-- but wondering if 2 SSDs in a RAID configuration is warranted?


Also, a recomendation for a processor and video card would be helpful.