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    work flow

    Akhilesh Thilakan

      dear all,

      i have another issue with work flow.

      i have two workflow in my epdm. and the second one is used as default. the issue is i have a folder having six text files which is in the state of first workflow. i already given the full permissions in each state as well as for the folder in first work flow. now i want to delete that folder, but i cant .its saying u lack the permissions to delete.what should i do to delete this folder.


      or tell me how to make this files to state of second workflow(default). because i can delete the files in the state of default workflow.


      please help me on this asap.

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          Andrian Sangel

          make sure that the user that you've use to delete the folder has  the state permission to delete the files.

          check the state permission on the workflow that you've currently working if the user that you use has a folder add/delete.

          check all the state in the workflow and also in the folder permission



          can you attach a print screen with the workflow and folder permission,

          so that i can see if you've set the folder and state permission correctly.




          just try first check the folder and state permission of the user..

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            John Dockstader

            You may also need to check the "ignore permissions from previous states".  If the files had been in a state without delete, you need to move them into a state with delete and the ignore flag checked,  Just adding the ability to delete to their current state may not be sufficient.  I had to send files through a transition into a new state to delete.