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How To Properly Dispose of Temporary Bodies.

Question asked by Jacob Corder on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by Artem Taturevych

I have a situation where i am creating temporary bodies for feature previews. It is interactive so every time the mouse moves it will create a new temporary body and display it.


When i do body2.DisplayWireFrameXOR the repaint properly disploses of the temporary bodies for me, but when i use Body2.Display3 i get the situation attached. I am checking for all bodies in the part but their arent any. i am also forcing a repaint but it only works for the bodies that are displayed using DisplayWireFrameXOR


attached are the images of what is being seen on the screen. Both methods of creation are the same. i have a RadioButton to display as solid or as wireframe.


the wireframe image works perfectly, the other image, using Display3 has a lot of bodies displayed. i would like to use the display3 setting so i am wondering if i am not disposing of them propertly.


Also the intent of this is to give the user a preview like you get when you add a hole wizard feature or drag in a library feature.


If you know of anyother way to create a preview like what i am trying to do here, please share.


also if i am not disposing of the pointer to the temporary body correctly by "TempBody = Nothing" then please share that also.


Thanks in advanced.