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    how to make point parameters dynamically linked to model?

    Dan Hofstetter

      Hi all,


      I have a simple rectangular tank model that I am using for Flow Simulation, and I want to set up some point parameters that will move dynamically when the model is resized.  I can easily create a solid body within the tank, disable it in Flow, and use the upper and lower faces that cut across the model as faces for Point Parameters.  Using the Pattern option, I can then select the faces and enter a number of points.  The points get evenly spaced across the faces, which is great.  The problem is that when I go to resize the model, the X,Y,Z coordinates for the Point Parameters points does not get updated based on the new surface size.  I have also tried inserting points into the model as Reference Geometry, which will move when the model gets resized, but the Point Parameters coordinates still seem to be fixed in space based on the original coordinates used when they were created.


      Does anyone know a workaround?  I know there are some API functions for creating point parameters, so worst case I may try to do this from VBA based on equations related to model geometry (point spacing = X length / 5 or something similar).





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          Dan Hofstetter

          Update:  I just found that I can create a small spherical volume (disabled in component control), create a Volume Parameter, and the Volume Parameter will move with the sphere after the model is resized.  This is very manual and seems messy though, so I'd still like to do this using Point Parameters if possible.

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              Jared Conway

              this may not work but probably worth a try, what happens if those point parameters are on geometry, do they update when the geometry updates? similar to your spherical option, create a cube, that has 8 locations where you can put point parameters, or sketch whatever you want to make all the points that you want that resize and reshape as needed. BUT if what i think is happening is happening, as soon as you make a selection, it locks down the XYZ for the point parameter and even if you change the geometry, it won't update. i "think" that is the way it is built but not sure. if that is the case, your volume parameter seems like the most reasonable way to do it. OR use XY plots.