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    Steve Forest



      Im picking up  a new computer tomorrow with a solid state boot drive(my first) and was wondering if its better to have Solidworks on the solid state drive and do  all my storage on the standard drive ?? or does it work better having Solidworks installed on a standard drive ??


      I have seen a few posts on teh subject but most seem outdated and a little fuzzy on whats the best use


      Most on the items I use solidworsk for are a little less than 500 parts but they do seem to take up  shit load of space and I use them ofthan for refference/





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          Jeff Holliday

          I have never used a SSD but they do sound nice. The main negative I have heard is that a SSD may not stand up to as many read/write cycles per unit space as a standard HD does. Since they are relatively new, this may or may not be true - standard HD's usually work fne for a long time. If I were doing it, I would likely put the programs on the HD and rely on a std HD for the working files.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            Installing the OS & SW (and other "can't live without" software) on the SSD makes for fast startup times.

            Wherever possible, keep all volatile data on the HDD ... or a second SSD.


            FYI, never defrag a SSD.