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Collecting configuration specific informations of a part, from the drawing

Question asked by Maxime Ganhy on Aug 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by Keith Rice

Hi everybody.


It's my first time working with macro, and here is a problem I can't solve by myself actually.


I created an assembly, which contain a design table with a lot of different configurations. In this design table, I have a specific name for each configuration.

I have to make a drawing for each configuration, and saving them under the configuration name, followed by their specific name.


I already did a macro which save each configuration under his configuration name, with a BOM linked to this configuration (based on different macros I've found here). But I don't know how to access the configuration specific information of the assembly directly from the drawing.


Maybe on of this topics could be helpfull, but I've already tried differents things and nothing works.


If needed, I can post my actual code.