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    EPDM Transition Action - "Mail To:" changing everytime I open to edit "Send Mail" action.

    Gary Williams

      I know I set this transition to send e-mail to user “P Tuffnail” and I saved.

      When I go back into the transition action to edit the value, it is now changed to “Group: Admin”.


      I am not sure whether it is saving my last setting, or whether EPDM changes to the first available selection every time I open in edit mode.

      Either way it is very frustrating and am now not sure where my e-mails are going to go!

      Some of the transitions are OK, they function normally.


      Have you experienced this?

      We are running EPDM 2013 sp4.

      How do we fix this?


      Note: I checked another workflow and it is functioning correctly.

      Can this be specific to a workflow?



      Just figured out that this problem only happens when I select a specific user to send the e-mail to.

      If I select a group all is normal.



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          Corey Hinman

          I came across this last week, it's a known issue.




          Enterprise PDM









          Fixed in:

          none none





          Enterprise PDM





          EntPDM Workflows




          Customer Impact:











          To droplist in 'Send Mail' transition action fails to show assigned username (defaults to first group) if 'Show full username' is enabled *2013 regression*






          Customer recently upgraded from 2011 SP4 to 2013 SP3 and they are now unable to see any of the configured transition actions using 'send mail'. The droplist defaults to first group alphabetically. - Problem can be reproduced when using login names that differs from full name (i.e. login name 'IverothT' and full name 'Tor Iveroth') - Happens if user logged in to Administration tool has the setting "Show full user name" enabled in user settings (explorer tab). - The SQL query in S-055332 can help list all configured send mail transition actions.