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    Server purchase for EPDM

    Pete Yodis

      We are going to be migrating from PDM WorkGroup to EPDM in the next several months.  We are working with our reseller on this.  IT here has put together a spec for the server they intend to run EPDM on.  They want to put the archive server and databse on the same new server.  WorkGroup will be left on the old server.  Being a nubie to EPDM, I thought I would post the spec that IT came up with for the server and see if anyone can comment.  Our current WorkGroup vault size is 114GB.  Would there be anything that would need to change?  Thanks for your time.


      Dell Recertified R420


      QTY    ITEM

      (1)      Dell PowerEdge R420 SFF CTO 8 Drive Hot Swap PSU and HDD

      (2)      Intel Xeon 4C E5-2407 2.2GHz 10MB 80W Processor

      (2)      Dell R420 Heat Sink

      (4)      8GB 2Rx4 PC3 12800R

      (1)      PERC H710 PCIe RAID CARD, 512MB

      (8)      146GB 15K SAS 6GBps 2.5" (TOS)

      (2)      550W POWER SUPPLY R420

      (1)      R420 RACK KIT (READY RAILS)

      (1)      R420 Cable Management Arm Kit

      (1)      DELL R420 BEZEL

      (1)      DELL SLIMLINE DVD ROM

      (1)      PCIE Riser for Chassis with 2 Proc

      (1)      Dell ProSupport 5 year 4 Hour NMC


      There are eight 146 GB drives.  Two will be mirrored for the system drive (146 GB usable) and the other six will be set up as RAID 5 using five drives for a total usable capacity of 4 * 146 = 584 GB and one hot spare.


      Total RAM is 32 GB


      I should mention we have 10 SolidWorks licenses here that are fairly active.  We will also have 10 seats of the viewer for shop floor personnel.

      We will be installing Windows server 2008 R2 (64 bit) and Enteprise PDM 2013 SP 2.0

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          Jason Capriotti

          Here's what we have:


          3 Servers (One for SQL db, two Archives replicated)


          SQL Server

          Dell PowerEdge R520

          1x Xeon E52470 @ 2.3ghz (8 core)

          24gb 1600mhz ECC memory

          RAID 1 for OS (2x 900gb) 10k SAS

          RAID 5 for data (3 x 200gb = 400gb total) SSD



          Archive Server

          Dell PowerEdge R510

          1x Xeon L5520 @ 2.27ghz

          8gb 1333 mhz ECC memory

          RAID 1 for OS (2x 300gb) 15k SAS

          RAID 5 for data (4x 300gb = 900gb total) 15k SAS


          We have 200 PDM licenses and 40+ SolidWorks licenses....generally we have about 150 users in the system daily, although I don't know how many are actively using the system at once.

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              Pete Yodis

              Thanks Jason.  Do you have any idea how easy it is to later split the archive server from the SQL and Database server?  Our current setup will be to house everything on the new server, which we beleive will be fine for the amount of users we have here.


              Pete Yodis

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                  Jason Capriotti

                  There is a section at the end of the Installation Guide that covers moving the it to another server. It will require hacking the registry (server and clients) and a few database entries.

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                      Pete Yodis

                      Jason, doesn't sound too bad to move it...  Looking at your setup, you have more total horsepower between the database server and archive server than the single server that we have specified, however you also have 200 pdm licenses, whereas we are not even close to that.  I draw the conclusion that we should be ok for a while on one server.


                      Anyone else out there with a similar number of users running EPDM on one server?  Any stories to share?


                      Kind Regards.

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                          Tim Webb

                          We just took our epdm archive & db servers through that change you mention. Splitting the db from the archive was actually pretty easy. Use the "Moving server components" section as Jason mentioned. Just make sure you have a complete back up, an account with admin permissions from IT, sa password for your db (or the account with db_owner permissions, sa not required but recommended), and a copy of PDQDeploy and powershell.


                          I used PDQDeploy to automate pushing out an admin image of the EPDM installation to all the CAD Editor & Contributor clients after the upgrades were done. Used Powershell to script the registry updates to the client vaults so they all pointed to the new server.


                          It was all done automatically silently from the users' perspective and completed in 3 days but could have been done in 1.5. Touch time on the client machines has been about 2 hours for 40 users.


                          Tim CEPA