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    How to define both velocity and pressure in the boundary condition?

    Samio Roi

      Hello Guys,


      I have been tryin to do a flow sim on my FSAE project and i'm trying to find my way out through a tricky stuff. I want to simulate my intake(flow sim) for 2 situations.


      1) Well I have been able to perform this type of simulation. The boundary conditions for the inlet is pressure(1 atm) and at the runners it varies.


      2) This is where i face real trouble. As the car moves along, there would be a velocity of air gushing in through my forward facing intake. But the trouble is i cannot compare the of effect with and without velocity.


      Sadly flowsim doesnot allow the defination of more than one type of inlet boundary condition. I would like to know a method in which i can define the inlet boundary condition as both 1 atm and x m/s velocity.


      Much appreciate your help,