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    heat transfer in tablet enclosure/case

    S. A



      I want to ask how to make a simulation of thermal forced convection in the tablet enclosure. Attached is the screenshot of simple surface pro tablet's 3d model. What type of analysis should i use, internal or external? the problem is how can i setup cooling fan which located inside the tablet case?? can we make natural convection from this model since it has 2 unit cooling fans??






      anyone who have idea or thought on how to do this, please comment.




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          Jared Conway

          for deciding internal or external ask yourself 2 questions:

          1. do i care about the flow as it leaves and goes into the environment

          2. do i know how to characterize the boundary conditions at the openings


          if the answer to 1 is no and the answer to 2 is yes (i probably need to rephrase them so both are yes or no), then you can go internal.


          to enable natural convection, just enable gravity


          for fans, no problem


          if you go internal and they lie on the pheriphery of the model, just use external inlet or outlet fans

          if they are completely inside, use an internal fan and make sure you have the appropriate settings for internal cavities


          if you go external, everything will be an internal fan.


          if you haven't done so already, there is an electronics enclosure tutorial that will probably help you get started. but also you should go through the tutorials from the begining to end because each builds on the other