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    Paste as reference and copying

    Gary Hamm

      We create cable kits.....basically a 2900XXX part number which contains all the necessary cables in it to make one of our products.

      that 2900XXX kit contains several 500XXX cable assebly prints.


      Our buyer / purchaser only can see pdf's that are created through a task when drawings are released,

      Her currently procedure is she pulls the 2900XXX print, then has to look at the Bill of materials and attaches all the 500XXX level prints and sends to a vendor.

      All PDF's


      So I started to take the 2900XXX pdf and paste all the 500XXX cable pdf prints to it. So when she searches for the 2900XXX print she can see the contains tab, and it lists all the associated pdf prints. Is there an easy way where she can select all the prints that are referenced and paste into her emails without searching for each of them.

      I was kind of hoping that when she did the contains she could select all files and either drag, or copy into her email but this funcionality doesnt seem to be there.




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          Brian Dalton

          Unfortunately, no.  File references don't work that way, whether they're SW references are created via Paste As Reference.  The only value to the references is that you can see them in the Contains tab and you can move them all together through workflow transitions, if the system is setup correctly.


          What you could do is to add a card variable for component PDFs (500XXX series in your case) and enter the number of the containing PDF (2900XXX series in your case).  That done, you can search for files where the new variable contains the 2900XXX in question and the result will show in a file list pane, rather than in the Contains tab pane.  There you can mass select and paste to your heart's content.


          The PITA is to manually enter the 2900 number into the variable for each 500 PDF, but that could possibly be automated through Dispatch, etc.

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              Gary Hamm

              I was able to go into the contains tab, click on the 2900XXX file and do a copy tree.

              I put it in a folder that I created on my desk top (on the fly) and it takes a copy of all the referenced files.

              Then I can quickly open up the folder and move all the files to my email in one swoop. Works nice.


              takes about 30 seconds versus the 20 minutes of pecking through a bom. I just have to maintain the pasted references in the future for an EC's that come through,