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    revolved cut question

    Dave Krum

      Hello.  Following up on my question from yesterday (which I marked "correct answer" since my original question was answered), I'm now trying the revolved cut on my railing spindle drawing as suggested instead of doing in 3 parts.  I'm getting the "zero thickness geometry" error even though I thought I was going about the steps the right way.  Suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?  I'm posting the .sldprt as well as a screenshot.  Thanks again.

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          Deepak Gupta

          You don't have any material to cut in the area near to center of profile. So you need to do that cut revolve in two features and have some area to cut in revolve cut.

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            Jeremy Feist

            you need to move the vertical line off of the edge of the part - where it is touching the profile is where you are getting the zero thicknes errors from. this will also enable the cut to remove the corners of the square stock.


            also, you have a small line segment at the bottom of the center detail that needs to be deleted.

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                Dave Krum

                Perfect guys!  Worked great.

                Deepak - If I do as separate features, wouldn't I need 3 revolves?  One for top profile, one for small center section, then another for the mirrored bottom profile?


                Jeremy - all I did was just get rid of that little line and move the outer vertical line out a little bit to clear the corners when its revolved like you said


                Thanks again all!