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    SW 2013 installation errors

    Michael Falk

      Are other experiencing errors when trying to upgrade to SW 2013? I have tried to upgrade my work PC 3 times and keep getting errors when it tries to install SolidWorks. I am currently running SW 2012 and need to keep it for some vendors I work with. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


      .... yes I sent the error logs to my reseller, but have not heard back from them with any help

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          Anna Wood

          Any hints on what your installation errors are? 





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              Michael Falk

              No real hints... typical SW. Just an error message stating installation failed

              15:26:29 Error Step 154 0 "** Install FAILED with code 1603"


              Red Wings fan?

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                  Anna Wood



                  I might look into this post first....




                  You might try searching the Knowledge Base on the Customer Portal too.  Try a search on "code 1603"


                  Yes, Red Wings fan....  Enjoying Boston beating up on the Blackhawks. Hope they can keep it going.... 





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                      Michael Falk

                      Problem solved.... had to do a repair on my .NET Framework and SW 2013 loaded fine.


                      Although the Blackhawks knocked out our Red Wings kinda would like to see someone from the Western Conference win...

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                          Cris Alegria



                          How did you fix the .NET framework?


                          This 1603 error is giving me fits. I tried everything recommended in the forums but still no progress. Thanks.

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                              Ed Schleter

                              Cris, I had the same problem and recently I finally figured out what it could be.  I wanted to post this because it may come up again for SW 2014. I'm including key words at the bottom in case someone is searching for this solution.


                              I was getting the generic 1603 error. All of my PCs are Win7x64 Lenovo's. I sent my logs to my VAR and they said it was a .NET issue and had me uninstall .NET4 and then remove .NET3.5 from the Windows installed features, run the .Netfixup utility from Microsoft and then reinstall 3.5 and run the SW install again. Never worked.  It was passed up from the VAR to SW themselves and they had me try several other things that didn't work either.  Finally they told me to format the PC and then try to install.  I used the factory recovery disks on one of my PCs and before I loaded anything else I did the SW install again. Believe it or not, it failed.  I then took a plain Windows 7 install disk and re-installed the PC again and it failed the first time, but I rebooted and started the install again and it worked the second time finally.  So obviously it was something installed on the factory recovery image that was keeping it from installing.


                              I had way too many more installs to do to re-install the OS on all of them, so I dug deeper to figure out what the problem was.


                              Looking through the setup logs I see that it was failing while trying to register a certain dll file with regsvr32.  I tried to manually register the dll and regsvr32 crashed, hence the real reason for install failure.  After much reading on the Internet, it turns out that something that was loaded in memory was causing some kind of a problem with a dll (mscoreei.dll to be specific).


                              I found a forum somewhere where it was suggested that it might be a service or something loading at startup.  So here is what they suggested and this is what FINALLY worked for me (this is for Windows 7 x64, but it will probably work in other OSes as well):


                              1. Run msconfig

                              2. Under the services tab, check "Hide all Microsoft services"<-(this is important) and then click on "Disable all" and click "ok".  Keep in mind also that this may disable a service that might keep the PC from connecting to the network. So have a DVD of the SW installation if you need it.

                              3. It will ask if you want to reboot, do it.  After the reboot, messages may pop up saying that a service is not running. Ignore them.

                              4. Run the Solidworks 2013 install until it finishes

                              5. Run msconfig again and under the General tab select "Normal startup" and click ok.  It will ask if you want to reboot again.

                              6. Reboot and your PC should be back to normal.


                              While all of my PCs are Lenovo's, there are several different models. However, the following service is common with all of them: "Intel Management and Security Application Local Management Service".  I don't know for sure if that one is the problem.


                              Hope this helps you and anyone else who finds this.



                              DwgDocumentMgrNET4  1603 1903 .net 4 netfixup Lenovo SWRegistration mscoreei.dll regsvr32 0xFF

                              WIDll_SWRegistration Failed to register .Net DLL