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Using 80/20 anchors in weldments.

Question asked by Dan Kilty on Jun 18, 2013

Ok so here I am, another guy asking about 80/20 and weldments... But I can't seem to find exactly what I am looking for so here goes.


My company doesn't use a lot of 80/20 extrusions, but when we do, they are usually large assemblies. Like coating lines that are 120 feet long or so. So I like being able to do the assemblies of the framework as a weldment. The issue arrises when we go to add anchors.


Here is what we want to be able to do:

1. Drag and drop the anchor into place. Using as few mates as possible after its in the assembly.

2. The anchor will create the correct hole size & depth in the extrusion automatically.

3. The placement of the hole is the correct distance away from the end of the profile. (If you know about 80/20 you know you can get the anchor c'bore's on any t-slot on the profile)

     We could accomplish this by having the user specify which letter track to use (much like when ordering the profile).

4. All this needs to be able to update the BOM/Cut list as to which letter track the c'bore is placed, and which end its on.


This way we can print out a cut list and give to our vendor without too much hassle.


I would rather spend time up front setting this up than each time we do a large assembly later on. We are new to solidworks so any help will be appreciated.