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Getting Configuration Specific Description Instead of Default Part Description

Question asked by Vincent Piazza on Jun 18, 2013
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As the title says, I have a macro that, among other things, gets the description for the part. The only problem is that sometimes one of the parts will have a different description under one of the referenced configurations tab than the one that appears on the default tab. The macro is getting the default part description when I would like it to get the desciption that is under the referenced configuration tab.


Here is the function that is currently getting me the descriptions:



Private Function GetCustomProperty(myComp As IComponent2, myProp As String) As String

    Dim myDoc As ModelDoc2

    Dim sa As Variant

    Dim i As Integer

    Dim myVal As String

    Dim myValOut As String

    Dim myMgr As ICustomPropertyManager

    Dim retB As Boolean


    Set myDoc = myComp.GetModelDoc2

    If myDoc Is Nothing Then Exit Function 'This will happen if you load your assembly lightweight

    Set myMgr = myDoc.Extension.CustomPropertyManager("")

    GetCustomProperty = ""

    sa = myMgr.GetNames

    If IsEmpty(sa) Then Exit Function

    For i = 0 To UBound(sa)

        If sa(i) = myProp Then

            retB = myMgr.Get4(sa(i), False, myVal, myValOut)


            GetCustomProperty = myValOut

            Exit Function

        End If


End Function


I can post more code if need be.