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    Are local files backed up?

    James Parish

      If a user has moved or created files in a vault directory but have not been checked in, are they being backed up?


      Say for instance if you have two files. One that is newly created and has never been checked in, the other a checked out and modified file. If the local computer's hard drive fails and the user never checked them in, do you lose these two files and the changes that were made to them?



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          Tim Webb

          Now THAT is an interesting question James.


          I quickly checked the KB but did not see anything.


          I could be wrong so come to your own conclusion, but if the files in question have <local file> status, I do not think the backup will contain them because the files have not been added to the file server yet.


          However, once the file is added to the vault, the file is given a file id & meta data assigned to it in the archive server & a copy is made on the file server. I believe then it could be backed up even if not checked in because the backup program is backing up the file & archive servers. I "think" this is possible because at that point in the file's lifecycle it is merely flagged as checked out and the file is part of the database.


          You could also check your backups if you have a known <local file> and see if it is in there.


          Let me know what you find! Very interesting challenge for a Monday.


          Tim CEPA