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Custom Sheet Properties for Drawings

Question asked by George Moraitis on May 18, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by Patrick O'Hern

I am facing a problem which I don't know if there is any simple solution.


I have built my custom property tab for parts/assemblies/drawings. As at parts/assemblies I put each information for custom properties or configuration specific, I haven't manage to direct the information of a tab to be recorded at drawings to title block table for a specific sheet.

For a short analyze, I need to prepare the custom property tab for drawings that way, that some information (like title etc) have to be stored to their position at every sheet of the drawing, but some others (like drawnby, drawing code, scale, date etc) have to be stored to their position at the sheet that it is active and be filled with these information.


Until now, I had to put a single time all the data at custom property tab and go afterwards at every sheet of drawing (often there are many sheets) modifying manually the necessary information at sheet format.