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    Coefficient of flow formula definition

    Alessandro Tornincasa


      suppose you have a valve and you need to calculate CV coefficient.

      This homepage shows its formula:




      As you can see, the CV coefficient formula changes depending on:

      - the type of fluid (e.g. liquid, gas, steam)

      - the flow regime (laminar or tubulent, and therefore it depends on the Reynolds number)


      Isn't there a way to automate creation of the CV coefficient formula depending on the fluid and flow regime ?


      Or do you just have to re-create the CV formula everytime from scratch ?





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          Jared Conway

          alex, what kind of automation were you thinking of? a huge equation that checks all the main things to decide what equation to use? you have some functionality in the formula goal to do this but i don't think you're going to get everything.


          i'd say you should be able to come up with a few part/assembly or even flow templates where you have the appropriate equation defined and then use those when you start a flow simulation project. that will save you a couple of steps.


          to get full automation, you're going to have to figure out how to get an if/then else statement to determine which equation to choose from. and then you'll need still use templates to start the project or copy/paste from excel or something.