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API and Missing Mates

Question asked by Paul Ryan on May 9, 2013

I am dealing with a somewhat "sloppy" solidworks model with mates that have missing components.  The exact wording is:


"This mate cannot be solved because it has one or more suppressed components"


I am trying to export the mates so I can determine that actual points at which things are connected.  For instance if I have two links in space connected by a pin, they might be defined using multiple mates.  In the end, I want to know where the coincident point (meaning two points that are coincident, not a point and a line or two faces, etc) is in the assembly space.


My idea of doing this was exporting all of the active mates and solving all of the types of mate's equations for the common point.  The problem is I get the non-active ones to show up.


So my questions are:


1) When going through the mates, how do I determine if it is "not active"?


2) Is there a better way to output the common point without me having to do a lot of calculations?